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Introduction: How and Why I started Blogging

How and Why I started Blogging

“How I made 5000 bucks a month from Blogging!”

“Simple Steps to make passive income from Blogging”

“Blogging – the career with 100% freedom!”

These are just some of the rabbit holes I went down while scrolling Youtube for inspiration back in November of 2019.

Jeez they made it seem easy, and the income reports they were sharing on the videos were incredible!

Before I go any further with this story I need to admit to something… I have shiny object syndrome!

For those of you who don’t know what this is let me give you an analogy…

I’m like a dog who sees a ball then goes running off in another direction because suddenly I see a car and then I smell something nice in the air so immediately forget the car and go after the smell.

Basically I change my mind a lot! I get inspired very quickly and easily but just as quickly I have a tendency to give up on what I’m doing for something that seems like a better, more attractive option.

Oh my god… That dog has a puffy tail!” (pretty much sums up how quickly I get distracted by the next best thing! haha)

Why I’m telling you this is because before I even saw those Youtube videos I mentioned above I’d already self-published a few books, had a go at Index Funds (the Stock Market), became a Life Coach & NLP Master and was trying to get work from that plus I’d also almost opened 2 different businesses (a Wok restaurant & a Self-Service Laundromat).

All of those things I mentioned above were great experiences but for whatever reason, they hadn’t turned out the way I’d hoped and, more importantly, when I imagined a future working in those various ways none of them ticked all the boxes.

What I was looking for was a job in which I could work a few hours in the morning whilst my daughter was at school and my wife was busy with yoga and her things.

I wanted a job in which I was my own boss and controlled everything I was producing.

Ideally, the job would make me money while I slept and provide awesome passive income.

I was looking for a job which fed my creativity and allowed me to do something I’ve always loved doing which is writing, teaching and creating an experience for people.

When all this was happening I was working as an English Teacher and Director of Studies at an English academy in the north of Spain and loved my job but the timetable was terrible.

Some days I worked from 9 in the morning to 2pm & then again from 4:30pm to 10pm.

Being an ESL Teacher abroad is super rewarding but you can only deal with the timetable demands for so long before your body says “enough is enough”.

My wife had recently given birth to our beautiful daughter and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible so was getting up super early in the morning while they slept to try and find other ways to make a living with a better timetable whilst enjoying my job.

I tried a lot of stuff!

Self-publishing my own books was a rewarding experience but it’s a long process to write a book and if you’re using KDP (Amazon Kindle Publishing) then you really don’t make much profit at all.
In the end, the last book I published I tried to sell for free but had to put a minimum price of 2 euros which I did because it wasn’t even about making money by then, it was about getting my work out there to people.

Needless to say this is a very very difficult way to try and eek out a living so I kept looking at other ways.

The Stock Market seemed like a good way to make passive income so I looked into it and found the best option to be Index Funds. This is basically a type of portfolio which buys lots of little shares from lots of different sources and therefore reduces risk and increases the possibility of profits.

This was succesful in that I made 300 euros in a year and didn’t lose any money.

Again though, this is hardly going to allow me to make a living and also I wanted something which I had more control over.

For me, it felt like going down to the local casino and putting some money on the roulette table. There was no skill involved and I wanted to feel like I was honing a skill which could help me and I could teach others in the future.

The Stock Market was not providing me with that.

This is how playing the Stock Market felt for me!

So, perhaps opening my own business was the way to go I thought.

I could be the boss and eventually hire others to take over while I repaed the profits and led the good life.

Sounds like a dream right!

I could see a hole in the market here for a really good Wok restaurant that could make great Thai food and did all the research, business plan and meetings to set it up. In the end though, when it got to the point of taking the plunge or not I had a really good think about it.

I realised I was doing it for the wrong reasons.

I was going to grind away for the next few years in a job I wasn’t at all passionate about just because I had the hope of someday leaving it to another person whilst making money for doing nothing.

I wouldn’t have passion for what I was doing and it would reflect in the quality of my work and the business itself.

Nope, it wasn’t the right idea.

That didn’t stop me from trying to open another kind of business. One which would be the closest to passive income I could find… a self-service laundromat!

Man, I really went all in on this one!

I researched the hell out of it and even rang owners of laundromats in other cities and had long chats with them about all the logisitics.

I met with providers of the machines and products and negotiated the prices and everything.
I made the business plan again and went searching for the office space to lease nearly every day. In the end, I had a list of my favourites, negotiated prices and was all ready to go.

I even went to the bank to organize the loan!

Again, the moment of truth arrived… I had to make the decision, after which there was no way back.

This was a really tough decision to make, especially after all the work I’d put into getting it all ready and to the point I was at.

In the end though, I felt in my heart it wasn’t the right move for me. It required a huge loan from the bank and with my wife and 1 year old daughter I wasn’t prepared to take the risk and put us in danger of going bankrupt.

Thank god, because then came the coronavirus and everything went into lockdown. It would have been impossible to pay back the loans!

Just through sheer chance, on a gut feeling, I also pulled out my Index Funds money from the stock market just before the first case of COVID19 in China was announced and everyone’s money plummeted.

As you can see, I pinball between a lot of things but can usually trust my gut to lead me in the right direction.

Which is why when I started watching those YouTube videos about Blogging at the end of 2019 I knew I should trust my instincts and delve into this further when I felt a real excitement from what I was hearing.

As a general rule, which I’ve learnt the hard way a few times, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

I knew that what these guys were saying should be taken with a pinch of salt but I also knew that people were making money from blogging (maybe not so much so quickly) and that this was something that ticked all my boxes!

If I could reach the level of some of these guys I could:

  • Make money while I sleep
  • Have a source of Passive Income
  • Work a few hours in the morning & then spend the rest of the day with my girls and doing things I love (football, surfing, reading etc.)
  • Be my own boss
  • Have location and financial freedom
  • Feed my creativity and desire to write, teach and provide an experience to people

I was thrilled by this prospect and just kept watching and reading blogging success stories to further convince me that this was possible!

The people in the videos had it all. They had lots of money coming into their bank each month, living all over the world, working just a few hours each day and absolutely loving what they were doing.

Bloggers looked like they had it made!

Now I am a blogger and know the tricks of the trade I can see how many marketing persuasion techniques they used on me, I fell for every one!

I wrote to pro bloggers in the hopes of getting advice and some were good enough to get back to me.

They all had the same message, this is not an overnight success get-rich-quick option!

Blogging takes time, it could be 2 years before you see any results.

You have to do it because you’re passionate about what your sharing with others and not for the money.

If and when the money comes it’s a bonus!

And above all, to save yourself time and angst buy a book or sign up to a course to learn from someone who has already achieved what you want to do.

Another confession now… When it comes to spending money on myself I am a real penny pincher.

I feel guilty about it, especially when I have a family to look after and no guarantees that what I’m trying to do will make us any money.

So, you can imagine, I went for the cheapest option which was to buy an Ebook which could teach me step-by-step from the beginning how to start blogging.

I compared and read many reviews & the one book which kept appearing in all the lists with rave reviews was “From Nothing” by Ian Pribyl.

It looked awesome and the sample I read was enough to convince me to fork out 9 euros to get the Ebook.

That was on the 7th of December, 2019. A month after I’d started going down those YouTube blogging rabbit holes.

I loved the Ebook! I just wanted to get started. Even the most boring steps were exciting for me, it felt like putting together some intricate puzzle which would lead to me having my own online business.

I even got in touch with the author and it just made me like blogging even more. Ian is a great guy, super humble and down to earth and responded warmly and informatively to any questions I had.

Just like any true blogger he had his own course and suggested I take a look and sign up if I liked what I saw.

I definitely liked the look of the course but I still had a lot of stuff to figure out about blogging before I felt like I’d be ready to take a serious course, especially since it required a lot of money and I wanted to be 100% sure it wasn’t just one of those things I got super excited about then left after a while like so many other things before it.

So I did a lot of research to see if it was truly what I could see myself doing for the foreseeable future and if it was worth all the time I’d need to invest to make a real go of it.

I checked out lots of Youtube videos, blogs and podcasts on blogging and most seemed to make it look pretty easy and like blogging could provide you with your dream life.

I knew if it was really THAT easy everyone and their dog would be doing it so there had to be a catch!

I dived deeper and managed to find a few testimonials about the harsh reality of blogging. They told of how making money from blogging normally requires something called Affiliate Marketing and this is hardly a reliable source of income.

Basically, affiliate marketing is when you recommend someone else’s product on your blog and when they click on your link the provider of the product can see that the customer has come to their webpage thanks to your link.

If the customer ends up purchasing the product then you get a commission of whatever that product is worth (usually about 10%).

This is what I imagined Affiliate Marketing to be like

I’d read one story about a guy who created a blog that reviewed drones.

Now drones aren’t cheap and when people clicked on his links and purchased the drones from sites like Amazon, the guy made a lot of money.

It sounded like a pretty simple procedure.

And then I’d hear that it takes at least 2 years of 14 hour weeks to get anywhere near the first page of Google, which is the only place that counts, and get your blog site looked at enough to have people click on your links, purchase products and have you get any sort of commissions coming in.

But you know what…

This didn’t phase me.

Normally this type of information made me think it wasn’t worth the time and effort and I’d look for the next best get-rich-quick option.

However, in this case I was still just as excited about starting my own blog.

I just wanted to write and get my ideas out there. To be in full creative control of my own website which I could share with the world.

To chip away little by little every day for however long it took until the rewards came. But more importantly, I was excited about the journey not just the outcome.

This is when I knew… Blogging is what I’ve been looking for! This is for ME!

Me deciding on Blogging as my future!

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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